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COVID-19 in the Philippines (Two Interviews)

Updated: May 21, 2021

COVID-19's Impact on Manila's Slum Communities (Interview With Teresa Rivera Coman)

Click here to watch interview

This is my interview with Teresa Rivera Coman, the Executive Director of SPECS Foundation Inc. in Manila. She and her organization are working on the front lines to provide food security in the slums of Manila. My favorite part is the last 17 minutes.

In her wisdom, Teresa reminds us...

Do not be afraid Speak up for the truth Remember the poor Ask yourself, "What is my specific duty at this time, where I am?"

You can visit SPECS Foundation Inc. at to learn more about their work and make a donation or follow them at @specsfoundationinc on Facebook.

COVID-19 in the Philippines

(Interview With Jeri Gunderson)

Click here to watch interview

I interviewed my former professor, Jeri Gunderson in the Philippines about how the pandemic looks on the ground there. Things are really difficult, especially for the poor. But Jeri and many others are teaming together to help people get access to food and security.

Jeri Gunderson in an American who has lived in the Philippines for 32 years working to empower the poor. She founded a birthing home for vulnerable mothers and has focused her community work around health, education, and gender equality. Jeri has has led various master's and PhD programs that focus on community development and education.


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