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Why My Students Are Wonderful

Updated: May 21, 2021

I have wonderful students and here’s why.

They’re intelligent.

My students range from English teachers to engineers, from IT specialists to international business people, from artists to government officers. They’ve all studied and worked hard to master expertise in their specific fields. From this diversity of careers, they all have unique and insightful ideas to share in our discussions each week.

They’re creative.

I’d definitely say that my students are more creative than your average person. Maybe that’s why they chose my class, since I advertise it as a class with creativity woven through it. I enjoy helping them build their ability to express their natural creativity in English, which is not always easy for anyone to do in a foreign language!

They’re open-minded.

Trying out a small school instead of one of the big brand-name schools is something that open-minded people do. They try new things that are unique and different.

I’m often impressed by the openness my students have toward diverse ideas and perspectives. When students share opinions that are different from other students, they respectfully listen and help each other understand the other side. This is exactly what I want for my classes: a space where we express our ideas and consider the different opinions of others.

They teach me new things.

In class, we often discuss complex topics revolving around global issues and innovative ways of thinking about the world. We also continually consider the Japanese cultural perspective and compare and contrast it with the western cultural perspective. My students are always helping me understand more of the Japanese mindset.

It’s beautiful to examine different cultural values and paradigms because we can see the strengths and uniqueness of all view points. As an American, I have a great deal to learn from Japanese culture. In many ways my students are also my teachers.

They keep showing up.

Even though my students are mostly very busy, they keep showing up week after week. They keep on practicing their English even though it takes sacrifice and persistence.

Their example reminds me to keep studying Japanese even though it’s hard work and I’m busy! The fact that they keep showing up not only demonstrates a good work ethic, but it also shows humility--humility to keep trying, keep on making mistakes, but steadily improving.

When my students keep showing up and keep speaking, it means they improve over time.

I’m privileged to guide my students on their English journey. I love to help them improve their global English communication skills. It’s also humbling for me to receive such rich and insightful discussion as I interact with these wise, talented, and kind individuals.

That’s why my students are wonderful.


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