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David Nagai

横浜 元町 英会話 上級 中級 関内 山手 根岸 本牧 アメリカ人のネイティブ講師 桜木町 根岸 横浜中華街 中区 大人 英語ディスカッションクラス  グループレッスン  英語教師 英語の先生 英会話スクル English school  Advanced English  Intermediate English Bridge Beyond English David Nagai

Teaching Experience

  • Ten years 

  • All levels & corporate

  • India, Miyagi, Kawasaki, Yokohama


  • MA in community development

  • BA in geography

  • Graduate courses have included:

    • Cross-cultural communication

    • Education & teaching

    • Project design & management

    • Participatory action research

    • Gender & development

    • The art of dialogue/facilitation

Cross-cultural / Work Experience

  • Lived in six countries

  • Multicultural teams

  • Cross-cultural educational resource development

  • Cross-cultural facilitation

  • NGO brainstorming facilitation

  • ​​Facilitated public health seminars

  • Start-up business brainstorming


  • English (native)

  • Mandarin Chinese (advanced)

  • Bengali (intermediate)

  • Japanese (lower-intermediate)

Hi, I'm David Nagai. I’m a bridge between people, cultures, and ideas.



Although I’m American, I grew up in Taiwan, have lived in six countries, and have studied four languages.


This international experience has given me the vision to promote global diversity and connection in order to make the world a better place.


I have a background in community development, where I learned to facilitate creative discussion in order to help people think creatively, solve problems, and improve their lives.


In other words, I help people communicate, ask deep questions, and collaborate to create solutions that are good for everyone involved. 


Previously, I worked in the slums in India to support NGO education and public health projects, and startup businesses. It was a wonderful opportunity to facilitate and experience the power of cross-cultural creative thinking to make the world a better place – especially for the poor.

I'm so thankful to have learned new ways of thinking from people from different cultures and backgrounds. They have helped me expand my perspectives.


I’ve been in Japan for about seven years now, and have started Bridge Beyond English because I want to help students connect with the changing world in a positive way through creative thinking, global awareness, and cross-cultural communication. 


Change can be overwhelming, but it’s also an opportunity. We can connect with diverse people and ideas, not only to solve problems, but also to build a more sustainable, interconnected, and harmonious future.


The classes I offer are different from normal English classes. But if this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, I hope to meet you in our class soon!


You will always have the option of joining in Yokohama-Motomachi or online.

Listen to audio here
英会話 上級 中級 横浜 元町 関内 山手 根岸  本牧 桜木町 根岸 横浜中華街 中区 大人 英語ディスカッションクラス  グループレッスン   英語教師 英語の先生 英会話スクル English school  Advanced English  Intermediate English Global Bridge English David Nagai Free Englih Presentatin Guide
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